Dimension Management

Dimension Management

Dynamically Adding and Removing Dimensions

The latest version of this mod bundles DimLibopen in new window. DimLib has the functionality of dynamically adding and removing dimensions when the game is running.

Clone a dimension

Command /dims clone_dimension minecraft:overworld "aaa:bbb" dynamically adds new dimension aaa:bbb that has the same world generation as the overworld.

Add a dimension from a preset

Command /dims add_dimension "aaa:ccc" skyland dynamically adds a new dimension aaa:ccc that has follows skyland preset.

The usable presets are:

skylandSkyland with overworld-like biomes
bright_skylandSkyland, fully bright
chaosFull of crazy chaos world generation
voidAn empty dimension with overworld sky
bright_voidVoid, fully bright

Remove a dimension

Command /dims remove_dimension aaa:bbb can remove it.

The world saving of the removed dimension is not deleted. They will be back when you add a new dimension with the same dimension id. (However, if a portal's destination dimension does not exist, that portal will vanish.)

See also Dimension Management Commands

Alternate Dimensions

Starting from mod version 4.0.0 (MC 1.20.2), the alternate dimensions will no longer be added by default. They are automatically added only when they are used in dimension stack.

The alternate dimensions are:

NameDimension idDescription
Skylandimmersive_portals:skylandSkyland with overworld-like biomes.
Bright Skylandimmersive_portals:bright_skylandSkyland, fully bright.
Chaosimmersive_portals:chaosFull of crazy chaos world generation. The world generation is based on randomly-generated math expressions. Inspired by farland.
Voidimmersive_portals:voidAn empty dimension with overworld sky.
Bright Voidimmersive_portals:bright_voidVoid, fully bright.
In old versions

In older versions of this mod, the mod adds 5 alternate dimensions for dimension stack:

NameDimension idDescription
Skyland1immersive_portals:alternate1Skyland, fully bright
Chaos1immersive_portals:alternate3Full of crazy world generation errors
Chaos2immersive_portals:alternate4Same as alternate3

Alternate dimensions can be disabled via config.