MiniScaled is a Fabric mod that provides easy-usable scale boxes using Immersive Portals functionality. You can enter the scale box seamlessly without loading screen. GitHub


Download Below Or Download from CurseForge

How to Use

(This describes the latest version of MiniScaled)

In survival mode, you can build a block frame using stained glass: (The frame must be either 4x4x4 or 8x8x8 or 16x16x16 or 32x32x32.)

create entrance.png

Then use a netherite ingot to right-click it, you will get a scale box entrance item. You can place the scale box entrance.

The actual scale box is in another dimension (mini_scaled:void). The scale boxes are discriminated by its color, size and owner. (You can enter a scale box owned by other players.)

The scale box entrance item is just an entrance and does not hold the actual scale box. If you lose the entrance item, you can create another entrance with the same size and color. If two entrances of one scale box are placed, one entrance will break.

In creative mode you can get scale box entrances in the Miscellaneous tab

scale box misc tab.png

You can put a scale box inside itself and create a fractal.

When you are standing on the top of a scale box, crouch(press shift) to descend.

When crouching, you can break or place blocks in the scale box when you are not in the scale box.

Expand and Shrink the Scale Box

When holding a scale box entrance item, right-clicking a scale box can expand the scale box. The scale box can only be expanded from up, south and east faces. The scale box item's color, scale and owner should match. Using bare hand to right-click a scale box can shrink it.